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What is a Residential Alcohol Treatment Center?

A residential alcohol center is a specialised treatment facility that supports anyone suffering from alcohol addiction. Residential alcohol centres offer a range of inpatient treatment services to address both physical and psychological addiction to alcohol.

Uncontrolled withdrawal from alcohol can potentially be very dangerous. Therefore, a residential alcohol detox will provide the detox medication and supervision required in order to come off of alcohol in a controlled manner. The aim of an alcohol detox will also be to alleviate unpleasant withdrawal symptoms where possible.

Following a detox, residential alcohol centres will offer a structured treatment programme which can include group therapy, one to one counselling, thought and feeling groups, anxiety and anger management classes, educational workshops, diary keeping, reflection groups and fellowship meetings.

Aftercare is also important in offering support and allowing the individual to make progress following their treatment at a residential alcohol center. Aftercare can include counselling, community care coordinator visits, specialist doctor appointments and attendance of AA meetings.

What are the warning signs that indicate someone needs a residential alcohol detox?

Anyone with an addiction to alcohol can benefit from accessing treatment at a residential alcohol center.

A warning sign which suggests someone may require a residential alcohol detox is the presence of withdrawal symptoms. This will occur when the person stops drinking immediately without medication. These symptoms can include sweating, shaking, vomiting, nausea, trouble sleeping, or agitation and cramps. In serious cases, withdrawal can produce alcohol related hallucinations, confusion, fits and seizures. These have the potential to be fatal; therefore accessing a professional detox is always advised.

Other indications that therapeutic treatment and support at a residential alcohol center is required include physical health and appearance deteriorating, noticeable changes to normal behaviour and mood, and problems arising with finances, employment and personal relationships as a result of drinking.

If you suspect that you or your loved one has an alcohol addiction and require a residential alcohol detox then call one of our experienced advisors.  The sooner alcohol addiction is addressed, the quicker it can be successfully treated.

Types of residential Alcohol Centers

There are a wide range of different residential alcohol centers across the UK and abroad.

Private residential alcohol clinics offer the most immediate access to intensive treatment for addiction.  A residential alcohol clinic may vary in terms of the accommodation standard, facilities and staffing. Better value residential alcohol centers may have clean and comfortable but more basic accommodation, whereas other residential alcohol centers may have more luxurious facilities. Therapeutic support is similar across the range of residential alcohol centers. Residential alcohol clinics will offer treatment to address both the physical and psychological side of an addiction.

It is also possible to access private residential alcohol centres overseas. This option will involve a detox being organised in the UK, before the client flies to the overseas residential alcohol centre to complete the comprehensive psychological programme. Overseas residential alcohol clinics can be particularly appealing to those individuals who have already accessed help in the UK with limited success. It also means that by travelling overseas to access the residential alcohol centre, the person is completely removed from their problematic surroundings. Overseas treatment at residential alcohol centres can also represent better value for money in some cases.

For those not in a position to pay for treatment privately the NHS may offer free treatment. Accessing a residential alcohol centre through the NHS can be challenging due to limited funding being available and long waiting lists. For most, community detox and outpatient services will be offered primarily. Those with severe addictions and limited support may be assessed and considered for treatment at a residential alcohol clinic, but long waiting lists should be expected. Call one of our experienced advisors to find out about the local NHS services that you would need to contact regarding free support.

How long treatment for alcoholism at a residential alcohol centre take?

Residential alcohol detox typically takes between 7 and 10 days within a residential alcohol clinic. Following a residential alcohol detox, it is recommended that a full psychological treatment programme is also completed in order to learn the tools and skills required to maintain abstinence. Residential alcohol centers offer psychological programmes which vary from 4-12 weeks and beyond.

How much does a private residential alcohol treatment center cost?

Treatment at private residential alcohol center can vary in cost depending on the clinic, duration of treatment and duration of aftercare programme.

Triage Healthcare recognises that there is a deficit in the provision of affordable private residential alcohol centres in the UK. High quality free advice and information is provided to all, as well as best-value private residential alcohol centre options to those with a limited budget. If you arrange treatment through Triage Healthcare you will never pay more and in some cases you will pay less than by booking direct with the residential alcohol clinic.

Where to find Alcohol Treatment Centers in the UK

Triage Healthcare specialises in the treatment of addictive illnesses and can offer advice and guidance towards treatment options based on the individual circumstances and needs of the client. We can offer immediate access to residential alcohol clinics across the UK and abroad.

There are a number of different residential alcohol centers available across the UK. It is important that the treatment at a residential alcohol center is tailored to the individual’s needs in order to engage the client and make treatment as comfortable as possible.

We understand that there may be concerns regarding arranging treatment at residential alcohol centers, particularly in terms of cost, location and success. That is why we are here. Our advisors have an in-depth knowledge of the full range of private residential alcohol detox centres. The right support and guidance allows the first stage of entering treatment to be as straightforward as possible. We will advise you according to the latest evidence of what works based on your individual circumstances and needs.

By choosing to call us today you will be provided with the personal care and support of our qualified alcohol and addiction advisors who will provide you with confidential and reliable advice regarding all areas of addiction and treatment at residential alcohol clinics. Our advice is all completely free and confidential.