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What is a heroin Rehab center?

A heroin rehabilitation centre refers to an inpatient facility that offers treatment to those who suffer from a heroin addiction.

A heroin addiction can be destructive and have a detrimental effect on anyone who suffers or is affected by it. In order to properly overcome an addiction, all areas of the dependence should be addressed by a suitable treatment programme. Treatment within a heroin rehab center will aim to address both a physical dependence (if present) and psychological addiction to heroin. It further aims to give individuals the opportunity to learn and regain the skills required to live a life free from substances in the future.

An inpatient detox will be the first stage of treatment in a heroin rehabilitation centre for anyone dependent on heroin. This will allow the individual to stop using completely with the appropriate support and medication to control withdrawal symptoms. Typically, medication such as subutex, lofexidine or methadone will be used at a heroin rehab center. A high dose is prescribed to begin with, and is then reduced in a controlled manner under the supervision of a medical professional down to zero (Trathen et al., 2008).

A heroin rehab center will then offer a structured programme to allow the individual to learn the skills required to maintain abstinence and make further progress with their recovery.  At a heroin rehab center this normally involves group therapy, one-to-one counselling, thought and feeling groups, anxiety and anger management classes, educational workshops, diary keeping, reflection groups and fellowship meetings. Heroin rehab centers may also offer holistic therapies such as acupuncture, art therapy, reflexology, equine therapy, yoga and many more to help with relaxation, withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Why professionally Rehab?

When accessing a medicated detox it is important to take into consideration the level of care and experience of the staff provided at the heroin rehab centre. Detoxification can be a challenging time and it is important to ensure anyone going through a detox has the appropriate level of both medical and emotional support during this time to avoid dropping out of a programme early.

By accessing professional treatment at heroin rehab centers it also allows individuals to learn the skills and coping strategies required to maintain their abstinence. This is important due to the risk of relapse and accidental overdose following a period of abstinence, especially during the first year of recovery.

This is supported by the National Treatment Outcome Research Study (NTORS) in 1996 that showed those who completed a minimum of 28 days in a treatment centre were more likely to maintain abstinence than others.

When should someone seek a heroin Rehab center?

Treatment at a heroin rehab centre can be accessed by anyone who suffers from a heroin addiction. For some individuals they may recognise when their heroin use has become uncontrollable and recognise that they need help. For others it may take some direction for them to recognise and become agreeable to help.

Withdrawal symptoms are a key indication someone requires a detox as part of a full treatment programme at a heroin rehabilitation centre. Symptoms of withdrawal include restlessness, muscle and bone pain, insomnia, diarrhoea, vomiting, cold sweats with goose bumps and involuntary leg jerks or movements.

Other indications that suggest a need for treatment at a heroin rehab clinic include physical health and appearance deteriorating, changes to normal behaviour and mood e.g. unreliability, keeping strange hours, and being secretive. Problems related to drug use may have a noticeable negative impact on finances, employment and personal relationships.

If you are concerned that you or a loved one may need treatment at a heroin rehab centre then call us. Our experienced advisors work on a daily basis with people affected by drug addiction and can offer free and confidential advice to all.

Heroin Rehab center options

Residential programmes at heroin rehab centers are recommended for those suffering with a heroin addiction as they provide the most intensive support and treatment to those going through the first stages of recovery. It also allows the individual to remove themselves from their problematic surroundings to focus fully on their recovery whilst at a heroin rehab clinic.

Triage Healthcare works with a large number of private heroin rehab centres UK based that can offer immediate access to treatment. In order to find out the treatment that represents the best chance of success for all concerned, call one of our experienced advisors.

It is also possible to access a private heroin addiction center overseas. This option can be particularly appealing to those individuals who have already accessed heroin rehab centers in the UK with limited success. By travelling overseas to access a heroin rehab centre, the person is completely removed from their drug-related environment. An overseas heroin rehabilitation center can also represent better value for money in some cases.

For those not in a position to pay for treatment privately, they may wish to access local NHS services. For heroin addiction the NHS typically provide outpatient and community services, including methadone programmes, counselling and support from drug key workers. Where NHS funding is available to fund treatment at heroin rehab centers, this may be offered to those with a severe addiction, or complications of additional problems such as mental health disorders. There can be long waiting lists to access heroin rehab centers on the NHS where this option is available, and it is vital for anyone waiting for these services to maintain their motivation, and regularly attend support groups during this time.

How long could a stay at a heroin Rehab center take?

The length of treatment at a heroin rehabilitation center will depend on the severity of the dependence. A minimum of 14 days is required in order to safely detox and psychological treatment programmes typically last between 4 and 12 weeks at a heroin rehabilitation center.

Heroin Rehab Center aftercare support

A structured after-care programme maximises the effects of treatment. It provides the support needed for anyone to continue to make progress when they return home. This support can be accessed through one-to-one counselling, support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous, and specialised doctors appointments to ascertain if additional care or relapse prevention medication is required.  

How much does a private heroin Rehab center cost?

Triage Healthcare recognises that there is a deficit in the provision of affordable private treatment in the UK. High quality free advice and information is provided to all, as well as best-value private treatment to individuals with a limited budget. If you arrange treatment at a heroin rehab clinic through Triage Healthcare you will never pay more and in some cases you will pay less for residential treatment than by booking direct with a heroin rehabilitation center.

Where to find heroin Rehab centers in the UK

Triage Healthcare provides immediate access to a wide range of treatment services at a heroin rehabilitation center, across the UK and abroad. All of our workers and heroin rehabilitation centers are registered with the appropriate professional bodies.

We understand that there may be concerns regarding treatment at a heroin rehab clinic, particularly in terms of cost, location and success. That is why we are here. Our aim at is to provide you with confidential and reliable advice regarding all areas of addiction and treatment. Our advice is all completely free and confidential. We can offer guidance towards the best treatment options based on your individual circumstances, budget and needs.

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