The Harvey house social enterprise offers both community services and residential rehabilitation to individuals suffering from drug and/or alcohol addictions. The residential clinic has a 16 bed inpatient unit for adults who require a medicated detox and further treatment. Harvey House uses the recovery model to deliver not only the medical side of treatment, but also interventions and individually focused treatment. Services are based in the North West of England.

Types of Treatment Services Harvey House offers

Treatment services offered at Harvey house include medicated detox where required, and also psychological treatment and support.

The initial stage of treatment for many clients will be a detox. This is process of removing toxic substances with the aid of medication to allow someone to safely withdraw from drugs or alcohol.  An inpatient detox will be provided following an assessment and clients will be supported by nurses and recovery support workers throughout the process.  Nutritional deficiencies and health issues created by the addiction will also be assessed and treated.

Treatment programmes are available to also address the behavioural and psychological side of the dependence. Assessments are carried out at Harvey house social enterprise to ensure the needs of each client are met, and to also assess any complex needs or underlying mental health problems that the addiction may have been concealing.

The structured programme is group based, and engagement and participation in group work is encouraged in order for clients to share their experience of addiction. Harvey house also delivers psycho-social interventions and harm minimisation sessions to its clients in order to increase their awareness of the destructive natures associated with addictive illnesses. This works alongside sessions and activities aimed at improving individuals’ self worth and self esteem, which can otherwise contribute to an addiction continuing.

The Harvey house social enterprise use a number of approaches in their treatment programme. Evidence based therapies are used including Motivational interviewing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The aim of the therapeutic treatment programme is to build clients’ resilience and empowerment so that they have the skills and motivation in place to continue with their recovery following treatment.

How long could treatment for drug and alcohol addiction at Harvey House clinic take?

The treatment duration will vary depending on the severity of the addiction and substance being taken.

Typically, full residential treatment programmes including psychological treatment can vary between 4 to 12 weeks in duration. For detoxification alone, those dependent on alcohol may require between 7-10 days, and for drugs a minimum of 14 days is required to safely detox.  This can be longer or shorter in some cases, and should be based on individual assessment.

Where to find Rehab Centers in the UK

There are a number of different treatments available across the UK offering treatment for addictive illnesses and it is important that the treatment is tailored to the individual’s needs in order to engage and make treatment as comfortable as possible.

Triage Healthcare specialises in the treatment of addictive illnesses and can offer advice and guidance towards treatment options based on the circumstances and needs of the individual.

We understand that for some, taking the first step towards recovery can be a challenge.  There may be concerns over treatment, particularly in terms of cost, location and success. That is why we offer clear and straightforward advice to all. The right support and guidance allows the first stage of entering treatment to be as straightforward as possible.

Our helpline is staffed by an experienced team of psychology and healthcare graduates who have an in-depth knowledge of the full range of treatment services and programme options throughout the UK and abroad.

Our advice is all completely free and confidential.  We do not advise according to a profit motive, but instead will advise you according to the latest evidence of what works.  Our advisors will discuss residential treatment independently of any particular centre. Call us today to find out more about treatment options for you or a loved one, based on your budget, needs and situation.

Triage Healthcare also offer access to private overseas treatment services. By travelling overseas the individual is removed completely from their problematic surroundings. This may be a more appealing option for those individuals who have already accessed help in the UK with limited success.


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